My Font Library


My interest in fonts has waned over time as other components in typography get my attention. To see why you should probably just use roboto, see Use Roboto. The fonts mentioned no longer display correctly due to css changes, but the directory holding them all should still work. -Mani


I have a very hard time making any sort of decision when faced with many options. Fonts are one branch of this site I spent far too much time on. This has led me to develop a font library for myself. These are going to be the only fonts I use unless some new circumstances come up (like a requirement for a paper or something). I also reserve the right to use Times New Roman but I'm too lazy to put it here. Without further ado, here are the fonts (also available for download, Open Font License unless stated otherwise).

Font Examples:

This is my geometric font Arcon.

This is one of my black-letter fonts Chomsky.

This is another black-letter font Gamaliel.

This is my main serif font Lora.

This is my main smallcaps font (also serif) IMFell.

This is a sans-serif font Lota.

This is my old body sans-serif OpenSans.

This is my current sans-serif FiraSans.

This is one of my monospace fonts Source Code Pro

This is my other monospace font Code New Roman.

Justifications/Font Reviews


For now, this site will use FiraSans (I'll switch it up per page sometimes if I'm doing a font review) and all my papers with use Lora. I'll use FiraSans for my headings wherever I use Lora and I might sprinkle in Lota for headings with OpenSans sometimes. Arcon, Chomsky, and Gamaliel will be used when needed for more artsy projects that need that sort of specialization. And finally I'll use one of the monospace fonts if I think a page will have enough code to combat the tradeoff of downloading a 20kb font or whatever. Again, all these fonts should be available for download on this site.