You're Supposed To Stop At The Line.


2 minutes

(Due to heavy reliance on images this post will not be screenreader friendly and will use more bandwidth than most of my others, sorry about that, images will still have alt text for low-vision readers)

For the past two weeks I've been taking a picture of every car I've run into not stopping at the correct line. Here are my findings.

Alright, first for a recap on how intersections work, since my research tells me it's needed.

A picture of an intersection, color coded for where cars stop and pedestrians walk.

Before you get started, this is not a US intersection, no US intersection has such well-behaved cars. I can't believe I just spent $35 (for the font) and an hour to make a graphic about how intersections work. Ok, so, with that out of the way, let's observe some motor vehicle fuckery.

Let's start off strong, nothing too crazy:

A gray car slightly over the stopping line, with a red car farther behind completely over the stopping line.

Good stuff, really, mostly at the line, a little over, but it happens. Classic American big fucking car loo- Oh. Oh I see. I took this picture because of the red car that's just chilling in the middle of the crosswalk. Gotcha. Well, let's see if the next one does any better.

Another dark gray car over the stopping line.

Well, this one's okay. If by okay I mean being an ENTIRE FUCKING CAR'S LENGTH too far. But at least it's not in the comically small cross walk. Next.

Two red cars over the stopping lines.

Alright, now this is just fucked up, when did they start having a buddy system?? Maybe it's something about red car owners' minds. Nah, I wish, this is legal-turn-on-red-itis. This barely counts as a crosswalk, it's just two lines on the ground.

A black truck so large it's both in the pedestrian crosswalk and still in the lane (past the stopping line).

Ah, now this, this is peak performance. Can't top this, hand out, giant lifted pickup in the middle of the city, and even inside the comically small pedestrian crossing. Excellent.

A white van stopped deadass in the middle of a crosswalk.

sigh. Alright, let's do some of these rapid fire.

A car that very much overshot the mark in a highway entrance.

Jesus this guy overshot it. Ban turning on red state and nationwide.

A car that very much overshot the mark in a highway entrance.

Another classic tag team story, this is exactly why I was driving out of suburbia.

I'm going to try doing shorter posts, so consider this a quick-and-dirty test run, I'll see y'all next week! Thanks for reading

PS: If you have pictures of cars being assholes you wanna share, email them to me or dm me on twitter, my contact info is on the home page.