Announcements and Updates


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Hello! This is just a little post to make a few announcements. First of all, thank you for everyone who reads the random stuff I put out here, I'm not sure where y'all come from (my site hits are a lot higher than makes sense to me), or who you are, but I appreciate it! That being said, over the last two years of writing I think my writing has improved a lot, and while my style will never solidify, it has definitely become more distinct. This site has been a place for me to practice writing regardless of readership, and it has been very successful in that regard.

But, it has also been very successful in helping me develop ideas, ideas that I would like to share and get feedback and discussion on. So, I'm very excited to expand the site's purpose to building up a consistent readership base. To this end, I'm going to be making a variety of major and minor changes. As far as the major changes go, from now on I'm going to put out one post a week, for at least the next six weeks, but hopefully throughout the next year, if school permits. The first weekly post is already out! It is this new post about how Discord has become a systemic barrier in OSU's Computer Science department. The second major change is I'm going to start a mailing list, which you can sign up for at the bottom of each post (including this one!), this will be in an attempt to get a more consistent readership going. The minor changes range from starting a Patreon with nothing in it for future use, implementing search functionality in the site to accommodate an increasing backlog, and adding (anonymous) comments to foster discussion. This blog post ended up being longer than I wanted it to but I'm really excited about these changes! If you want to stay up to date, sign up for the mailing list below 🙂. The mailing list will send out one email a week, on Sunday at noon (Eastern Time), with the publication of each new post, with some extra context/info/commentary.